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On Freedom of Speech - Excerpts from Libertas Praestantissimum - Pope Leo XIII - 1888

This document, in addition to those on Modernism by P. Pius X, made me rethink my gut reactions as an American. There is great wisdom in what the Church says, even when we don't like it; even when it goes against everything we have been taught. I have seen many Catholics rashly posting their opinions about other Christians, Clergy, Bishops, and the Pope -- especially recently. We need to keep in mind that while we have the ability to speak our minds, that doesn't mean we always should... For this reason, I give you the excerpt below. This is P. Leo XIII's (1810-1903) commentary on "Freedom of Speech." ‐---‐--------------- Libertas Praestantissimum  On the Nature of Human Liberty  Pope Leo XIII - 1888 Paragraph 23. We must now consider briefly liberty of speech, and liberty of the press. It is hardly necessary to say that there can be no such right as this, if it be not used in moderation, and if it pass beyond the bounds and end of all true liberty. For right is a

On Vocational Discernment- Excerpts from CATHOLICI SACERDOTII by P. Pius XI.

To anyone who hasn't read it (especially Bishops, Priests, Deacons, seminarians, and especially those discerning their vocations) I want to encourage the reading of "AD CATHOLICI SACERDOTII" by P. Pius XI. Like all of Pius XI's works, it is beautifully written and really strikes to the soul. I would consider this the equivalent of his other work "Casti Connubii," but for priests/religious.  He gives amazing reflections on the duties of a priest, as well as how Bishops and rectors should go about determining whether a man has a vocation to the priesthood or not. In that same way, near the end of the letter, Pius XI gives young men principles for the discernment of their vocations. I am posting this most especially for those young men (and women, respectively) who are investigating a vocation to the priesthood/religious life. Read these principles for discernment. I think it will be very helpful for you. Regarding vocational discernment, the main t