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Should we have Liturgy Wars?

Should we have Liturgy Wars? By: Parker H Zurbuch This article is a plea from one lay Catholic, who attends a normal, Novus Ordo parish in rural Indiana, to all of his fellows in Religion (Trads, Conservatives, and Progressives alike). I have been heavily involved in various discussions on social media regarding the liturgical rites in the Western Catholic Church for about a month now. Among the participants have been Dr. Peter Kwasniewski, Gregory DiPippo, and numerous other “Traditionalists.” Conservatives have weighed in a lot, too, although this often has been mediated via private messages to myself or through a variety of other means. Where it all began. This journey started for me when I read Dr. Kwasniewski’s book “True Obedience” after it had been recommended to me by a friend. [1]  I was honestly quite reluctant to pick it up at first, because I had become skeptical of anything written by Dr. Kwasniewski. This skepticism was not due to personal interaction with him in any way,