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Thoughts on the State of the Church Today

I am a Catholic, and I am proud of it. But, I am frustrated with the leaders (and other laypersons) in the church. We do not seem to understand that we are being played by a culture that does not have our good in mind. In fact, it wishes to destroy us. We seem to think that, "if we just play nice, and be agreeable, that they will treat us nice in return." That, if we just roll over, that our bellies will be scratched; when, in fact, we will be held hostage and slowly starved. The attack is not just from afar, but also within the walls of the Body of Christ. We seem to think that beauty does not matter in our churches and in our liturgies. We seem to think that the worst thing we could ever do is offend those in the pews--lest they write nasty letters about why things are changing; why father said this or that; or why the music is no longer to our liking. We live in a Church where those who stick up against moral ills such as abortion, contraception, and euthanasia are hailed