Diagram of the Magisterium (with References)

NOTE: The Magisterium is not a source of Divine Revelation. It simply is the authoritative interpreter of Divine Revelation (Dei Verbum 10, Vatican II).

NOTE: One can certainly classify Sacred Scripture as a sub-set of Holy Tradition.

Above is a diagram I have created depicting the streams of Divine Revelation. This diagram particularly focuses on the Four (4) Organs of the Magisterium, with primary source references to evidence for the existence of each organ and the mode that each organ can be utilized in.

The red colored topics are those that I wish to do more research into primary sources of evidence for. The evidence for the 4 distinctions of Holy Tradition comes from the manualist theologian Jean-Marie Hervé in his "Manuale Theologiae Dogmaticae." I have yet to find other sources of these distinctions. The reason that the "Ecumenical Councils" label is red, is because I have not yet compiled first-source evidence of why the Ecumenical Councils are considered an organ of the Magisterium. It is obvious by Catholic Tradition that they are, but I have yet to research textual primary sources on the topic.

I hope to complete a more detailed blog post on this topic, but I hope the diagram helps in the meantime.

If anyone has any suggestions or edits that I should make, please email me at parkerzurbuchcatechesis@gmail.com


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