I converted from [being a] Catholic to [being a] Born Again Christian. Is it still okay to wear the cross necklace I was given at confirmation?

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Original Question: I converted from [being a] Catholic to [being a] Born Again Christian. Is it still okay to wear the cross necklace I was given at confirmation?

Yes, of course. According to the Catholic Church, you are still a Catholic unless you formally renounce the faith to your local bishop (which you could do via email). But even then, I would encourage you to still wear the cross given to you in your confirmation.

Also, I would encourage you to make a deep study of both Catholicism and Born-Again theology. Be sure you are making the right choice in leaving the Catholic Church. Do not leave for emotional reasons. Only leave if you are absolutely convinced that it is not the true Church started by Jesus Christ, and carrying his message unbroken down to today.

Ask yourself questions like:

Who decided that the books of the Bible be in the canon? Who decided that those books were inspired by God? How does one determine what is the truth if everyone can interpret the Bible for themselves? Is it by vote? Then if a majority of people vote that Jesus is not God, what will that mean? Is it by a small group of leaders? Who put them in charge? Did Jesus say in the Bible that they were in charge? Is it one pastor? Well, then they have made the pastor a “Pope".

How do you know that any other Church is started by Jesus Christ? Only the Catholic Church (and possibly some Orthodox churches) can historically trace their roots to the time of the Apostles. No protestant church can make that claim.

Can you really leave the Eucharist? Maybe you were never taught the profound teachings of the Church on the Eucharist. She believes it is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. If you have formed a relationship with Jesus in the Eucharist, can you really leave and go to a church which will never be able to give you the opportunity to be one with Jesus in your Body, Blood, and Soul?

Were you taught the profound theology of the Mass? That it is truley Jesus' sacrifice on Calvary being re-presented (not represented or “happening for a second time”, but that you are really there, spiritually at Calvary in 33 AD--God is outside time). This is what Jesus meant by “Do this in memory of me.”

There are many more reasons. Many, many more.

I offer these questions as food for thought. I do not know you or your situation. I do know, however, that you are loved, and I ask you to take deep concern about leaving the catholic church. To me, it s the only religion that makes logical and historical sense. Do not make a world-view change unless you have good evidence and good reasoning for doing so. Do not change churches because the people or leaders are hypocrites. As soon as you join a new, “perfect" church, it will be imperfect, because we are all hypocrites in one way or another.

Only seek the truth. Nothing less. Do not seek the easy way out. Only the narrow way leads to life-eternal.

God bless you in this time of seeking. If you need resources, do not be afraid to ask around. I would love to help in anyway that I can.

Catholic Answers (Catholic Answers Website) is a great place to learn more and ask good questions.


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